Victims of truck accidents need accurate information to protect their legal rights, but it can be challenging to decipher contradicting material online.

Truck accidents are unpredictable and happen more often than people realize. In 2019, large trucks accounted for 10% of all vehicles involved in fatal crashes. If you are the victim of a truck accident, you need to be able to depend on accurate and reliable information; unfortunately, there are many myths out there that can be detrimental to your case.

Stay tuned as we debunk five of the most common truck accident myths.

      1. The Truck Driver Is Always Responsible

Many people assume that the truck driver is responsible for an accident. While this is true in some cases, it’s not a blanket statement for every scenario. Several factors can cause an accident between a truck and a car, including distracted driving, intoxication, speeding, drowsy driving, vehicle malfunctions, inexperience, inclement weather, and much more. Anyone can be responsible for these accidents.

      2. Truck Drivers Suffer More Serious Injuries Than Other Victims

It is often assumed that truck drivers are at risk of severe injuries in a crash, but they are actually better protected than passenger vehicle occupants. Commercial trucks are more robust, sturdy, heavier, and higher up than regular vehicles. Because of this, many truck drivers can walk away from a crash without significant injuries.

      3. Truck Drivers Are Too Experienced to Cause Accidents

Many people think truck drivers are superior because of their commercial driver’s licenses, but this does not make them immune to errors. Truckers can easily make mistakes in the rush to get goods delivered on time. Truck drivers are not always highly experienced and can accidentally cause a wreck.

     4. Trucking Companies Are Not Liable

In many truck accidents, trucking company negligence is the cause of preventable tragedies. Don’t let the company convince you that they cannot be held liable for their driver’s actions. Here are a few reasons why a trucking company might be responsible for an accident:

  • Not properly training a driver before allowing them to operate a truck
  • Forcing the driver to work unrealistic hours
  • Placing more weight on the truck than allowed
  • Not properly securing loads

    5. Insurance Companies Will Fairly Compensate You

It’s a common misconception that insurance companies will fairly compensate you in the event of a crash; sadly, this isn’t always the case. Often, their offer is well below what you truly deserve. An attorney will help guide you in this process handle all negotiations on your behalf.

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