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Zebulun Q Weeks

Zeb Weeks - Attorney - Utah Injury Lawyers

Zeb Weeks


Zebulun “Zeb” Q Weeks is a native of Nevada and Utah who learned at a young age that there is a difference between right and wrong, and between what’s fair and what’s unjust.

His love of fairness took him through a variety of careers before joining Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton in 2016 as a personal injury attorney.

Mr. Weeks can relate to his clients and understand where they are coming from. He is the kind of lawyer who is there for you. If he is available, you can be sure that he will pick up the phone.

He is also fluent in Spanish.

Educated in Utah

Brigham Young University

J. Reuben Clark Law School

Provo, Utah

Boston University

Boston, Massachusetts

Brigham Young University

Provo, Utah

Weber State University

Ogden, Utah

Published Works

As a professor and lifelong student, Mr. Weeks has published several books and articles on a variety of subjects, including:

Calvete de Estrella’s De Rebus Indicis, A Latin History of the Spanish Conquest of Peru: A Study of Classical Influences and Spanish Sources

Honors and Awards

Special Commendations

from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for his role in the Passport Taskforce of 2007

Special Recognition

from Ambassador Tony Garza for work performed in the 2007-2008 immigrant crisis of Mexico

Thomas E. Ricks Grant

from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2009 to study at the Library of Congress

Committed to Serving


Mr. Weeks understands the value of supporting his community. He is the service and outreach chair for the J. Ruben Clark Law Society.

In addition to his volunteer work, he often accepts pro bono cases and offers complimentary legal advice to people in need. 

More Than Just an Attorney

Mr. Weeks describes himself as “a farm boy who became a landscape professional, an eternal student who became a professor, a U.S. diplomat who at last became a lawyer.”



Zeb has a long list of university degrees. He has studied all over the world and has taught at all three of the Brigham Young University campuses in Provo, Idaho, and Hawaii.


Zeb's career has taken many turns. He has done many things ranging from owning his own landscaping and sprinkler repair business to serving in the American Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Family Party with Lots of Food


Zeb and his wife, Daisy, have six children. Daisy and the Weeks children are his greatest joy. They enjoy spending time together working in their yard and having family parties.

Victories for Clients

Kurtis Branson

Mr. Branson was injured in an accident caused by a truck blocking an overpass. The driver’s insurance company refused to pay anything. Mr. Weeks took the company to trial and won enough to pay for the client’s medical bills and property damage, with some left over.

Michael Cheadle

Mr. Cheadle was hit over the head with a beer bottle while dancing at a club, causing a catastrophic brain injury. The police were unable to track down the culprit and the club was uncooperative in the process. Mr. Weeks filed suit against the club and collected a $100,000 settlement.

Eleanor Stevens

A sign fell on Ms. Stevens’ head while shopping, splitting it open. Mr. Weeks filed suit against the distributors who hung the sign and collected restitution to pay medical bills and compensate for pain and suffering.



“We had the privilege of working with Zeb since we got in a couple of car accidents about two years ago… Zeb made sure we understood and knew what was going on. He took great care of us. If we get in any future collisions (which we hope we don’t) we will be coming right back to FS&B. We were compensated much more than what we would have gotten back from fighting the insurance agencies on our own.”
– Kyle R.

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Zeb Weeks

Attorney and Firm Partner - Zebulun Q Weeks

Mr. Weeks has recovered millions in compensation for his clients.

He believes in making sure his clients not only receive a fair settlement, but also truly recover from their injuries by receiving the very best medical treatment available.

Mr. Weeks believes his clients when they say they are hurt, and works to collect as much compensation as possible on their behalf.

Mr. Weeks is committed to helping his clients collect the maximum settlement possible in their cases.

There are no upfront costs for hirinan attorney from our firm and we do not collect fees unless you win compensation.

If you were injured or wronged, you can find the support you need at our firm.

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