A Dedicated Child Injury Lawyer Can Pursue Just Compensation

There is no question that injuries involving children are devastating. When the promise and hope for the future is significantly altered because of someone’s negligence, your life may be turned upside down. If you are struggling to find answers after your child has been injured, let us help.

Experience Needed to Handle Child Injury Claims

Flickinger Boulton Robson Weeks is the only law firm south of Salt Lake County dedicated solely to handling personal injury cases. Our legal team includes four experienced trial attorneys with more than 50 years of combined experience.
While our firm is made up of experienced lawyers, we are also parents. We provide unwavering support to help families protect their children’s best interests. We understand the sensitive nature of personal injury claims involving children. When you select our firm, you will be backed by a strong advocate and compassionate counsel of a child injury lawyer. Contact our Utah child injury lawyer to learn how we can help assert your rights during a free initial consultation.

Provo Child Injury Attorneys Determining Liability

Despite safety precautions, child injuries Provo Child Injury Attorneys Determining Liability happen all too  often. If your child was seriously injured, don’t settle for excuses; hire an attorney who will uncover the truth about your child’s injuries and hold the responsible party accountable. This has been our focus for decades. Our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience identifying the cause of accidents involving children, such as:
Determining the cause of accidents involving children can be very complicated. Children are often reluctant to say what happened, thinking they could get themselves or someone else in trouble. Other times, babies and toddlers may not recall or be able to explain what happened.
At Flickinger Boulton Robson Weeks, we understand the sensitive nature of personal injury claims involving children. Our legal team conducts thorough investigations without putting children at the center of the investigation. Instead, we rely on expert testimony and witness statements to help us build strong cases. We also review maintenance records and safety recalls when considering every angle possible to determine fault.

Recovering Maximum Compensation for Injured Children

Whether your child suffered broken bones or more serious, life-altering injuries, our approach is the same. We devote our time and resources to making sure your child is well compensated and cared for throughout his or her life. Our legal team will consult your child’s doctor to understand the type of injuries he or she has endured, such as:
A child head injury or a child brain injury may require a lifetime of medical care. We don’t think you should be put on the brink of bankruptcy to pay for medical expenses stemming from someone else’s negligent actions. We develop strong personal injury claims taking into the full amount of compensation you may need for surgical expenses, physical therapy, rehabilitative care or other necessary expenses to possibly make your home handicap accessible.
Child injuries can also result in substantial emotional trauma. We have what it takes to help you recover compensation for any pain and suffering your child has endured. Every personal injury claim is fact specific. We will take every measure possible to help you secure a full financial recovery based on your child’s needs.

Contact an Experienced Utah Child Injury Attorney Today

For assistance with a personal injury claim for your child, Flickinger Boulton Robson Weeks online or call us toll-free at (800) 898-4878. We are experienced in handling highly sensitive claims involving children. Our legal team will work relentlessly to secure the full amount of compensation your family is entitled to.


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