Being in any type of accident is terrible, but a truck accident can be even worse. The size and weight of a truck and the load it carries can devastate the roadway, other vehicles, and the drivers and passengers in those vehicles. 

Being in an accident can be so traumatic that you’re unsure of what to do, even if you typically know how to respond. But there are essential steps you’ll need to take at the scene of the accident.

The Steps to Take

Even for accidents that look the same, there will be differences. One truck could be carrying clothing to a department store, while another could be transporting large pieces of furniture parts. Imagine the difference between clothing and a chair leg hitting your vehicle. Both could cause a severe accident, but chances are those injuries will be different. 

But, thankfully, your response to being in a truck accident should be the same every time. These are the steps you should take. 

Call 911

First, immediately call 911. The police will know how to respond if goods from the truck are on the highway or roadway. They will also examine the accident scene to determine who was at fault. You’ll need a copy of the report they fill out for your insurance company. 

Assess Injuries

Second, assess injuries. Some injuries will be apparent, while other injuries are hard to detect. For example, if you have internal bleeding, you might not feel it right away from the state of shock to your body. 

Third, allow paramedics to examine you. Even if you don’t think you’re injured, it’s best to undergo a medical exam at the accident scene. That’s why ambulances accompany police to accident scenes. Additionally, it would be best to go to the doctor as soon as possible after the accident. A full-body exam will further help to determine if you are injured. 

There might be issues to deal with if you wait until you’re in pain to go to the doctor. The trucker’s company will claim that your injuries are unrelated to the accident. Immediately going to the doctor establishes proof that your injuries were related to the accident. Most truck lawsuits don’t end until your injuries have been resolved. So, if you want to receive compensation for the accident, we highly recommend going to the doctor right away. 

Collect Contact Info

Finally, before leaving the scene of the accident, collect the contact information for everyone involved. You should see everyone’s driver’s license and insurance information. This will help you contact the right people to resolve the accident’s claims. 

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