Car and truck collisions happen every single day. Even the most careful driver can get into an accident. Thankfully, some accidents are minor, with drivers and passengers safe from injury or death. 

But some collisions result in tragedy with the loss of a loved one or a life-altering injury, like a traumatic brain injury or paralysis. And many of those collisions involve cars and trucks.

These two types of vehicles don’t mesh well because they’re not equal to each other. A truck is so much larger and heavier than a car that the impact is far worse than in a car-to-car collision. Injury or death is far more likely in car-truck crashes. 

So, what types of accidents do cars and trucks get into? That’s what we’re looking at in today’s blog. 

Common Collision Causes

Some types of car and truck collisions are more common than others. These are the most common types.

  • Rear-end collisions
    These accidents occur when a vehicle hits the car or truck right in front of it. It’s unlikely that you’ll die from this type of collision, but whiplash is common.
    While a car rear-ending another car doesn’t usually result in extensive damage, a truck rear-ending a car could total the vehicle. A car rear-ending a truck could also total the car.
  • Side-impact collisions
    These accidents are also called “T-bone” accidents because of how the vehicles collide. One car hits the other on its side. These accidents usually occur in the middle of an intersection when a driver fails to give the right-of-way to oncoming traffic.
    A side-impact collision between a car and a truck can result in severe injury or death. These crashes are extremely dangerous because the side of a car isn’t designed to withstand heavy impact.
  • Rollover collisions
    This extremely dangerous type of collision involves a vehicle flipping over. As you can imagine, an 18-foot truck rolling over will cause a lot of damage. These accidents are devastating, often resulting in severe injury or death. 
  • Head-on collisions
    A head-on collision is the opposite of a rear-end collision. The vehicle hits the car or truck from the front instead of behind. Head-on collisions cause serious injury and death. 

As you can see, cars and trucks get into the same kinds of accidents as any other kind of vehicle. It’s the size of the truck that makes these accidents so deadly. 

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