For most motorcyclists, nothing compares to the thrill of riding out on the open road. Some riders appreciate the aesthetic of a high-quality bike, and others are passionate about the sense of freedom they experience. Many people don’t understand why anyone would want to ride a motorcycle because of the associated risks.

Discover the potential dangers of motorcycle riding. 

Motorcycle Riding Can Be Dangerous

Riding any vehicle, whether it’s a car or motorcycle, is inherently dangerous. However, motorcyclists have a heightened risk of sustaining severe injuries when they’re involved in collisions. Truck and car drivers are at least protected by a roof and doors, whereas motorcyclists lack structural support; this can result in head injury. 

Still, seasoned riders maintain that riding their motorcycle is one of the best feelings in the world. Learn more about motorcycle riding to see if it’s right for you. 

Characteristics of a Good Motorcyclist

If you possess these three traits, then motorcycling may be right for you:

  1.  You have self-discipline: At the heart of motorcycling is technique and control. Novice riders understand they must start small before taking on the road. It’s best to begin your journey by doing U-turns around a cone in a parking lot since it teaches body and head positioning as well as clutch and throttle control. Although this activity is mundane, you must master the basics so that you can become a confident rider. 
  2. You’re always willing to learn: Passing your motorcyclist safety course and obtaining your motorcycle license is a promising start. However, there’s no statistical evidence that proves safety courses can make you a safe rider. The only way to be a safer rider is by following this equation: Extensive Personal Practice + Advanced Riding Courses = Enhanced Safety. You must be able to acknowledge there’s always room to grow as a rider. 
  3. You can manage your expectations: The most common misconception about motorcycling is that it’s all about power and speed; however, expert riders know it’s all about confidence and control. Develop these two skills first, and your speed will naturally increase. Additionally, you should learn how to ride a slow bike first, and then you can graduate to a faster one. 

Mitigating Risks

Sadly, there will always be risk factors outside of a rider’s control, such as bad weather, bumpy gravel, potholes, and reckless motorcyclists. However, there are a few ones you can control: 

  • Avoid riding when it’s too hot. Chances are, the sun will obstruct your view of the road. 
  • Never assume other drivers can see you.
  • Avoid riding in groups until you’re confident in your skills. Many motorcyclists who ride in packs tend to imitate the rider in front of them, and sometimes, they push themselves beyond their limit. 

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