Auto accidents come in various forms and are a leading cause of injury-related death for Utahns, but fortunately, they are often preventable.

According to the Utah Department of Health, a crash occurs in Utah every eight minutes. Additionally, a person is injured in a wreck every 20 minutes, and a person dies every 33 hours. Motor vehicle crashes of all degrees take a terrible toll on Utah families. Today, we’re sharing three of the most common types of accidents that occur on Utah roads and how you can prevent them.

Rear-End Impacts

Rear-endings are among the most common types of auto accidents in Utah. While they only account for about seven percent of all fatal crashes, they make up nearly 29 percent of all accidents annually.

Rear-end collisions most commonly occur from tailgating or speeding. When a car comes to a sudden stop, a rear-ending happens if the vehicle behind them does not have enough room to stop. While they do not always result in deadly outcomes, these accidents can be hazardous at high speeds. The best way to safeguard yourself is to obey the speed limit and leave a safe following distance of at least three seconds behind the vehicle ahead.

Merging Accidents

Merging accidents pose the most significant risk of entering highway traffic. Although it may seem like a straightforward maneuver, too many factors come into play to guarantee safety. The most dangerous merging scenarios include:

  • Side-swiping collisions due to blind spots
  • Front and rear-end impacts
  • Misjudging speed and brake time
  • Spin-outs due to overcorrections

According to the Utah Department of Transportation, nearly 300,000 merging accidents occur every year. Yielding to the other drivers and adjusting your speed to match the traffic flow are two easy things you can do to help you merge safely.

Side-Impact Collisions

Side-impact (also known as “angle” or “T-bone”) collisions are listed as the most common type of impact in the United States, according to the Insurance Information Institute. These accidents accounted for 18.2 percent of total fatal crashes in 2019. Because of the nature of these impacts, an oncoming car can crush the occupants sitting near the point of impact, leading to severe injuries or wrongful death.

There are numerous reasons why side-impacts occur, but some of the most common causes include driving under the influence, running red lights and stop signs, failure to yield, illegal passing, distracted driving, and speeding.  As a driver, there are things you can do to lower your risk of being involved in this type of crash:

  • Cross all intersections with caution
  • Always focus on the road and be aware of your surroundings
  • Be mindful of trucks that have a more challenging time stopping quickly

The Attorneys of Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton Can Help

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