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In some cases, an auto accident is the result of an automaker’s mistake. These kinds of defects in a motor vehicle can cause major injuries and death. When a defect leads to problems with steering systems, the consequences can be fatal.

Defective Steering Increases Risks of Serious Collisions

If your vehicle has issues with its steering system, you place yourself at greater risk of causing an accident and injuring yourself and other motorists. You will not be able to turn properly, or might even have the steering wheel lock-up or seize upon you. Even minor problems with a steering system can prevent you from maneuvering around dangers or hazards in the road.

Obviously, if the steering on a vehicle were not defective, this would not be an issue. Yet there are cases in which a defective steering system on a car or truck has contributed to a serious collision. Various parties may be at fault, including automakers and even mechanics who’ve worked on your vehicle.

Potential Problems with Steering Systems

Modern steering systems are far more complicated than the steering systems of the past, using multiple lines, electronics, and mechanisms to ensure proper function. As a result, there tend to be more opportunities for these systems to fail and for something to go wrong.

Below are some common reasons why steering systems may fail:

  • Issues with fluid pumps
  • Low fluid levels
  • Lack of fluid
  • Leaking fluid
  • Defective hydraulic lines
  • Loose hoses
  • Relay rods defects
  • Issues with steering knuckles
  • Poorly secured parts in the steering system
  • Manufacturing/design defects

Combinations of the above are not uncommon, and can result in disastrous collisions.

Recalls Should Be Issued Once Problems Are Detected

While these problems may not always be caught by automakers, there are instances in which these issues are detected when a vehicle is on the market. In such cases, it is imperative that the automakers issue a recall of the vehicle and send public notifications about the potential dangers posed to drivers and others on the road. The failure of a company to act when they know they are responsible for potential accidents needs to be taken very seriously.

Issues of Vehicle Maintenance

As we noted above, sometimes an automaker is not responsible for the steering defect but rather a mechanic or maintenance person. If you take your car in for a tune-up or to undergo some work, there is a chance that the steering system may be damaged or compromised in the process. Should that occur, the person who serviced your care may have acted negligently, and so must be held accountable for an avoidable collision.

How Our Product Liability Attorneys Can Help

As you can imagine, legal issues involving auto companies and auto defects can be quite complicated. Not only are product liability laws complex, but auto companies will also have robust legal teams in place to challenge your legal claims. By working with skilled product liability attorneys, you will receive expert counsel that helps you hold negligent companies accountable for their actions. We will not be intimidated as we fight for damages and justice.

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