When most people think of auto accidents, they most likely think in terms of the driver of one of the vehicles involved being either wholly or mostly at fault. In most auto accident cases, fault can be assigned to one of the drivers.

However, some auto accidents are tragically fated to occur due to defective automotive parts. These defects might occur in the design stage, the manufacturing stage, the marketing stage, or some combination thereof, but their mere existence made the automobile unforeseeably unsafe to drive – in essence, a ticking time bomb.

Among the automotive products we rely on most for our safety when we drive are tires. Tires are literally the only things separating thousands of pounds of steel and glass traveling at high speed from the pavement below. As consumers, we have every right to expect that the tires we purchase are safe to use for their intended purposes, up to the point that they show signs of wear and tear or to the point that manufacturers suggest they should be replaced. When tires are defective, the results can include serious and even fatal car, truck, motorcycle, and other motor vehicle accidents.

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Common Tire Defects

As stated above, tire defects can occur in the design phase, the manufacturing phase, the marketing phase, or any or all of the above. Our attorneys will identify the nature of the defect and take action against the party or parties responsible for the flaw that caused the accident. In product liability cases, it is generally not necessary for us to demonstrate specific acts of negligence as the presence of the defect is sufficient evidence of negligence. What we must show is that the defect was indeed the cause of the accident, and that the defect did not result from misuse of the product.

Common tire defects include:

  • Tire sidewall defects: Defects in the tire’s sidewall, resulting either from faulty design or manufacture, can result in unanticipated blowout or collapse.
  • Premature tread wear: Premature tread wear can be a sign of a manufacturing flaw.
  • Tire rim defects: Defects in multi-piece tire rims can result in the explosion of a tire.
  • Faulty tire bead: If the tire bead fails, the tire can separate from the wheel, leading to an accident.

Sometimes, poor quality materials are used in the construction of a tire, leading to a blowout or explosion. Whatever the defect, you can expect that our attorneys will determine the cause and the party or parties responsible.

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