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When it comes to lawsuits involving serious construction accidents, having a lawyer on your side is crucial. We want to focus on scaffolding accidents at construction sites, particularly falls from these structures. The injuries sustained can be severe, and they can have long-lasting and tragic implications for the loved ones of the accident victim.

Scaffolding Poses Many Hazards and Dangers

Scaffolding is necessary when it comes to working on buildings, restoring facades, painting structures, and so forth. Yet scaffolding can pose a number of dangers to workers as well as bystanders on the street. Collapses of scaffolding can be quite deadly, but the same can be said of serious falls from scaffolding, which can have tragic results.

Major Falls from Scaffolding Can Be Fatal

Whenever someone falls from a major height, the injuries sustained can be severe. Broken bones, lacerations, damage to internal organs, and major head trauma brain damage may occur, with more severe injuries possible depending on the way the person lands. It’s not unheard of for a person who’s fallen from scaffolding to suffer from paralysis because of a spinal cord injury, for instance.

When the fall is very high, or the nature of the fall is particularly brutal, the results can be fatal. This is why safety must be a major concern at construction sites at all times.

Danger to Workers and Bystanders Below

In addition to serious harm for the person who’s fallen from the scaffolding, these kinds of accidents can also pose dangers to co-workers and bystanders/passersby below. The sheer force created by a major fall can lead to severe injuries for people unfortunate enough to be struck during the accident.

Potential Causes of Falls from Scaffolding

Some potential causes of falls from scaffolding include:

  • Poor Weather – When it’s been raining or snowing, the scaffolding can be hazardous, with workers more prone to slipping or falling while they do work.
  • Slippery Conditions – In addition to bad weather, spilled beverages, paint, and other items can lead to slippery conditions on scaffolding.
  • Objects on the Scaffolding – If a tool, a loose piece of paper, or other foreign object is stepped on unexpectedly on scaffolding, it can throw a worker off balance and make a major fall more likely.
  • Lack of Safety Considerations – Without safety lines or proper regard for work conditions and worker safety, serious accidents such as these become more likely.
  • Poor Scaffolding Construction – Sometimes the issue is with the scaffolding itself, with the structure built in an off-balance way. This makes falls, slips, and other kinds of hazards more likely.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

If negligence at a construction site directly caused or contributed to a major accident, our attorneys can help in the filing of a lawsuit. Our team will work diligently with you and your loved ones to ensure that justice is served and that you receive compensation for the injuries sustained and other losses that were the result of this tragic incident.

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