Last fall, a woman reported to police in Orem, Utah that her family doctor was acting inappropriately during her medical exams. Upon investigation, it was discovered that he performed unnecessary and frequent vaginal exams for the purpose of his own personal pleasure.

Although the woman was subject to Dr. David R. Hillam‘s alleged abuse for nearly three years, he assured her that the exams were for her benefit and part of her normal medical treatment. However, when he showed the woman a number of sexually explicit videos on his cellphone during medical visits, she began to question all that had taken place during the years he treated her.

Within two weeks, the doctor was arrested on three felony counts of forcible sexual abuse and four misdemeanor counts of lewdness, and was immediately fired from his position at the Parkway Health Center in Orem. The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing is working closely with the police and intends to bring disciplinary actions against him which will affect his physician and controlled substance licenses in the state.

As Dr. Hillam practiced medicine in Utah for over eight years, police and other officials were concerned that other patients may have also suffered abuse under his care. Since his arrest, a number of additional women have come forward claiming improper treatment by this man who took an oath to do no harm to his patients.

Personal injury attorneys are often hired to file civil tort claims against the accused abuser and his or her employer. A lawsuit following sexual molestation seeks financial compensation for any intentional or negligent harm the victim incurred. Such harm may include failure on the part of a medical facility to keep a patient safe from abuse by performing background checks on employees and following up on complaints against its employees or staff.

Brett Boulton of the law firm Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton , represents a number of the victims. The firm is seeking potential witnesses to make sure this type of illegal activity does not occur again and to insure that victims receive appropriate medical care for injuries they may have sustained.

The lawyers at Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton , represent individuals who suffer serious injuries due to negligence and have more than fifty combined years of knowledge and experience handling personal injury and medical malpractice cases in Provo, Utah, and the surrounding areas.

What is sexual abuse?

In the state of Utah, a number of laws define what constitutes an illegal offense against a person. Sexual abuse is not always an act of violence. Section 406 of the Utah code explains what circumstances are considered sexual offenses against a victim. Such circumstances include:

  • The victim, through words or conduct, signifies his or her lack of consent
  • The person overcomes the victim with physical force, violence or concealment
  • The person coerces the victim with threats against the victim or another person
  • The victim is unconscious, unaware or unable to comprehend that the abuse is taking place
  • The person is a health care professional or religious counselor and the abuse is disguised as professional treatment, consulting or diagnosis

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