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When it comes to serious and fatal auto accidents, excessive speed is one of the most common causes of these collisions. Let’s look into the issue of speeding right now and how you can keep safe while on the road.

Why Do Motorists Speed?

Motorists may speed for a whole host of reasons.

Some drivers may be in a hurry to get to their destination. If they’re running behind, they may be rushing to make up for lost time, even though speeding may not save them that much time overall.

Other drivers may speed because they enjoy driving fast and the thrill it all entails, particularly since they are breaking the law. This is particularly true of young motorists who get to experience their first taste of adult freedom by being behind the wheel.

Sometimes the speeding is accidental and the result of inattention. For instance, some drivers may not be paying proper attention to posted speed limits and traffic signs, causing them to inadvertently drive faster than they should.

Regardless the reason behind exceeding the speed limit, excessive speed is a leading cause of auto accidents, particularly fatal collisions.

How Serious Is Speeding with Regard to Auto Accidents?

Studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and National Safety Council have found that speeding is the third leading cause of all traffic collisions behind drunk/impaired driving and distracted driving. In addition, it’s estimated that speeding is the main factor in 33 percent of fatal collisions each year.

These numbers tend to bear out with annual statistic, demonstrating the constant dangers of excessive speed on our roads and highways.

Speeding and Age of Motorists

We noted above that young motorists often speed, excited by the rush of adult freedom behind the wheel. Unfortunately, young motorists are the most at risk of dying in a speed related motor vehicle collision. One study by the NHTSA estimates that 39 percent of male motorists between the ages of 15 and 20 will lose their lives in a speeding-related collision. Given these statistics, parents should stress safety and responsibility to their sons and daughters when their teenage children first get behind the wheel.

How to Stay Safe on the Road

Given the dangers of excessive speed, the best thing that you can do to be safe on the road is to abide by all speed limits and traffic signs that are posted. When there are poor road or weather conditions present, be sure to slow down so that you can safely maneuver the road and maintain full control of your vehicle at all times.

What to Do When a Nearby Motorist Is Speeding

If there is a motorist nearby who is speeding or engaging in any sort of reckless behavior, do not attempt to race or overtake the other driver. Simply let the other motorist be as you continue to drive safely. If the driver attempts to egg you on or antagonize you behind the wheel, just let it go and drive safely. It’s better to be safe and sorry.

Keep in mind that if that motorist seems to be posing a major danger to others, you should report the vehicle to the authorities when you are away from traffic and your vehicle is safely parked and stopped.

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