An injury claim can be intimidating to file, but it might feel even more complicated to file against big businesses. It can feel like the odds are stacked against you because large businesses have deep pockets and multiple lawyers readily available to defend their every move. Every part of your claim will be picked apart by the company to avoid giving you an adequate payout. While it is a complex process, there is hope for you. Companies are not above the law and they must be held accountable when they wrong people. 

You as a customer have every right to feel safe when entering a business. It is the responsibility of the business to provide a safe environment for visitors. There are three main factors that are considered when you are filing a lawsuit against a business. The first factor is looking into the duty of care owed to you by the business. The second factor that is investigated is a breach of said duty of care. The third factor is proving the harm that was caused by that breach of duty of care. If you can prove all three components, then you have a chance of prevailing in your case against the big company. 

Compile Your Records 

Keep track of every record that can serve as evidence. This includes every photograph related to the incident, documents, and medical exams. Ensure that all your proof is dated. Big businesses will try weakening your case by questioning the validity of your testimony during court proceedings. Create a journal exclusively to log facts as they occur to prevent the company’s strategy from working. You might not be able to pull out your journal during the official proceedings, but you can review the facts of your case prior to entering the court. It is essential that all your proof is dated so that the company doesn’t try to take advantage of any gaps present in your timeline. 

Know Your Value 

Big companies will try dragging out these proceedings on purpose to empty out your wallet. They will do anything in their power to tire you out and get you to drop the case. If these strategies don’t work on you, then companies attempt to lowball you during the initial negotiations for a settlement. The big business will push for a settlement that is cheaper than the amount of money you might be entitled to if you win the case. Although this is a guaranteed paycheck, companies use this tactic to end court proceedings earlier to avoid future hassles.

A seasoned lawyer will help you research the full compensation you deserve. This battle will be drawn out because big businesses want to scare you; they know that you don’t have the extensive resources that they do. Frustration is inevitable, but you need to understand that these settlements aren’t reached overnight. Keep your demands specific so the case goes more smoothly for you. The more demands you make, the more room there is for big businesses to sabotage you. 

The entire process of filing a lawsuit against a big business might sound overwhelming, but it can be achieved with an experienced personal injury attorney. Contact Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton today so that our lawyers can help you reach the settlement you deserve.