Investigation can play a critical role in all types of motor vehicle accident cases. However, it is particularly important in semi-truck accident cases, because of the higher standards and higher duties of care that semi-truck drivers are held to. The investigation may reveal that the truck driver was acting illegally, which will impact how your case will be handled. If you are seeking representation in a trucking accident case, you want to make certain that you choose an attorney with experience and knowledge of the trucking industry.

Utah Trucking Accident Lawyers

We are the only law firm based south of Salt Lake County dedicated solely to accident and personal injury cases. Our team includes four experienced trial attorneys with more than 50 years of combined experience. We know the rules that govern semi-truck drivers, and that knowledge drives our investigation process. To let our attorneys get started on your case, contact Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton in Provo, Utah.

Investigating Truck Accidents in Utah

Prior to the accident, had the driver of the semi-truck spent too many hours behind the wheel? When was the last time the driver had slept? Did the driver fail to follow the rules for truckers about how to approach and pass other vehicles? These are questions that we will find answers to, often with the help of our network of experts.

We will also review how the semi-truck itself was treated. Had it been properly maintained? Were the tires in need of replacement? Had the brakes been checked recently? Was it loaded improperly? Let us find answers and get you the compensation you need.

Investigation Leads to Success

Thanks to our careful investigation and case preparation, we recently secured a verdict against a commercial trucking company that was many times more than the settlement the company had initially offered.

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