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In some cases, auto accidents may be linked to design flaws and poor manufacturing. With that in mind, let’s consider car accidents that are caused by defective brakes and brake systems.

We Expect Our Cars to Be Safe

Whenever we get behind the wheel of a car, whether it’s a rental or a vehicle we just purchased, we have certain expectations of safety. We should expect that the steering is fine, for instance, or that the brakes function properly.

And yet sometimes this is not the case. Problems with brakes, brake systems, and braking components can occur, resulting in serious accidents and dangerous conditions for drivers and other motorists.

Issues with Defective Brakes

When he hit the brakes, we should be able to slow down our vehicle in a reasonable distance and amount of time. Suddenly hitting the brakes could also save a life, whether it’s our own, another driver’s, or a pedestrian’s.

If brakes do not function properly, it can lead to longer stopping times and distances. In these cases, you may become involved in a collision that should have been avoidable. Rear end collisions and t-bone accidents are more likely, even at slow speeds. In cases of total brake failure, you may wind up running a red light or perhaps driving off the road.

Brake Systems Should Function Properly

Auto makers should test their vehicles diligently. This means proper crash tests and quality assurance checks at all stages of manufacturing and design. If there are any flaws that could spell danger, they should be taken care of as soon as possible. Certainly these brake system flaws need to be caught and dealt with before a vehicle is made available to consumers.

If an auto maker notices problems with brakes and brake systems after a vehicle is on the market, a recall needs to be issued as soon as possible in order to keep others safe.

Brake Pads and Components Should Be Safe

Sometimes the issue with a vehicle’s brakes don’t have to do with the brake system per se but rather the components of the brake system. In this case we mean the brake pads, the brake fluid, or the connection between the brake pedal and the system itself. If you have had your brakes serviced but they do not function properly, the makers of the brake components may be responsible for the accident. Similarly, the people who serviced the brakes make be responsible for causing this dangerous situation.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable

No matter the circumstances of your accident, it’s of the utmost importance that you speak with skilled attorney about your case. Our attorneys will note all the evidence available and fight to hold the negligent party accountable. In the case of auto makers, we will make sure that similar mistakes and acts of carelessness do not lead to injuries in the future.

We will seek damages to address vehicle damage, medical bills, and so forth, and will also pursue punitive damages to ensure these kinds of vehicle defects do not happen again.

Learn More About Automotive Product Liability

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