Accidents can happen anywhere, from the highways and city streets to your local grocery store. When injuries occur at places of business, it’s important to consider filing a premises liability lawsuit. A Provo slip and fall lawyer at our firm can help you negotiate the legal process.

Slips, trips, and falls are common injuries at places of business. While these are often associated with liquids and tripping hazards, they can also be caused by poor lighting.

Problems Caused by Poor Lighting

Whenever part of a business is poorly lit, it presents a number of serious risks to safety, both for employees and for people who visit the premises. Low light situations, broken lights, and outright darkness in parts of a business increase the risk of trips, falls, slips, and other kids of serious accidents occurring.

The bottom line is that adequate lighting needs to be in place at a business at all times. This is just a common sense way of going about things at a business.

Not Seeing Hazards in Hallways and Walkways

One of the major dangers of poor lighting is that hazards in hallways and walkways may not be visible. This may be objects in the way, such as products and supplies, or it may be tripping hazards, such a power cords, snags in the carpet or rug, and so forth.

Difficulty Seeing Slipping Hazards

Liquids and other items or objects that can lead to slips and falls are another hazard that may be obscured due to poor lighting or low-light situations. When this happens, the chances of a serious injury are likely. Even just a little bit of moisture on a slick surface can increase the dangers of a property.

Major Dangers in Stairwells and Stairways

When lighting is poor in stairways and stairwells, the dangers are increased immensely. Even if there are banisters in place, the inability to see steps increases the risk of a slip or fall occurring. These dangers are increased if there are possible slipping hazards or tripping hazards.

Property Owners Should Address Light Problems ASAP

Whenever there’s an issue with the lighting at a property, it’s of the utmost importance that these problems be addressed as soon as possible. Change light bulbs or having the light fixtures/wiring fixed will ensure the safety of a property. If the issue cannot be addressed in a timely manner, it’s important that alternate lighting be used or that people be restricted from the hazardous area.

When property owners fail to maintain a safe and well-lit environment and an accident occurs as a result of this negligence, it’s important that these property owners be taken to task for their actions.

How Premises Liability Lawyers Can Help You

Premises liability lawsuits can be complicated given the nature of some cases the the laws in Utah regarding safety at a property or place of business. Yet filing a lawsuit may be essential in order to receive damages for injuries and to prevent future incidents like the one that led to your injury.

By working with an experienced premises liability attorney, you will be able to receive expert legal counsel while you focus on recovering from injuries and moving forward with life.

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