In Utah, the weather is a part of daily life. When winter is in full force, the snow provides a variety of outdoor activities, from skiing to snowboarding, to simply having an old-fashioned snowball fight in the back yard. But when driving in the snow, hazardous conditions are present and the chance for an accident increases.

The snow can create slick and dangerous roadways and be a major contributor to an auto accident. When drivers fail to account for snow on the road, many different types of auto accidents can occur.

If you have been hurt in an auto accident in the snow in Provo, UT, call the attorneys at Flickinger, Sutterfield, and Boulton. We understand how auto accidents involving the snow can present certain legal challenges, and we work to overcome those challenges.

Problems Caused By Snow on the Road

Even though the snow is pretty to look at, it makes driving safely difficult. Some of the problems caused by snow on the road include:

  • Slick roadways, which lead to a loss of traction between tires and roadways. This can cause a driver to lose control.
  • Melting snow that refreezes after dark creates ice, and most dangerously, it causes black ice. Black ice is invisible to the naked eye. A driver who hits a patch of black ice is at risk of spiraling and sliding on the road, crashing into objects along the way.
  • When the snow is coming down heavily, a driver’s vision is impaired. The failure to keep a safe distance when visibility is low is a major contributor to accidents caused by weather and snow.

Drivers are responsible for driving safely under any condition. When snowy roads are part of the driving conditions, drivers should adjust their driving pattern so accidents can be avoided. When a driver fails to account for the weather conditions and causes an accident, he or she is responsible for the damages caused.

Why Snowy Conditions Create Legal Challenges in Car Crash Cases

All personal injury cases require the injured person to prove liability. When the facts include snow on the road, it can be difficult to point to the other driver as the cause of the crash. Doing so requires a thorough investigation of the accident, and a clearly set forth fact pattern establishing wrongdoing.

This requirement is best met by partnering with an attorney who has experience handling auto accidents. Once liability is established, those hurt in the accident are entitled to receive compensation for their damages. Those damages often include medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.

Help for an Auto Accident Involving Snow

If you have been in an accident during snowy road conditions, you should not rule out the possibility that the other driver is responsible simply because it was snowing. These cases involve complex questions of law, and establishing liability is the key to recovery. You are entitled to be compensated for your damages, and we pursue every aspect of your damages. Call us to learn more. Contact us online or call our office at (801) 370-0505.