We expect to be safe when we visit a business, yet accidents can happen wherever you go. Those in Provo who were injured while visiting a business establishment can work with an experienced slip and fall lawyer from our law firm, receiving expert legal counsel about premises liability issues.

Many severe injuries occur while people are ascending or descending the stairs. Let’s consider why that is and what your legal options are in such incidents.

Injuries on Stairways Can Be Severe

When people fall down stairs, there’s a great likelihood of serious injuries. This is especially true of violent falls down stairs of major tumbles. Head injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and other types of severe harm may occur. If the victim is elderly, the extent and nature of the injuries could be more severe.

When these kinds of accidents occur, it of the utmost importance that negligent property owners be held accountable for their actions.

Causes of Stairway Slips, Trips, and Falls

There are many potential causes of falls on stairs. Some of the most common reasons these accidents occur include:

  • Broken Steps – When steps are broken in some fashion, it’s possible for people to slip on loose tile or materials, or to simply lose their footing while they are ascending or descending the stairs.
  • Uneven Steps – Uneven steps can throw off people’s balance. When a stair is slanted or when the height or distance between steps varies, people can misstep and fall.
  • Wet or Slippery Surfaces – When liquid or other slippery items are on stairs, there’s a much greater likelihood of people slipping while they are on them. This is an especially important concern for steps that are exposed to the elements. Rain, snow, and other sources of moisture can lead to major hazards.
  • Objects on Stairs or Landings – When a foreign object is on the stairs, it can make slips and trips more likely. This could be a discarded bottle, a ball or rock, or even just a plastic or paper wrapper.
  • Lack of Banisters/Handrails – Banisters are crucial for the safe ascent and descent of stairs. When banisters are not present, people can lose balance and fall. In many cases, a banister can prevent someone from falling.
  • Poor Lighting – When stairways are nor properly lit, it can be difficult to notice slipping hazards or to gauge where the next step is. There should be proper lighting available in all stairways and stairwells.

How Property Owners Can Improve Safety on Stairs

Property owners can keep visitors and customers safe by using common sense with regard to stairways and staircases. Banisters and guardrails should be in place so people can maintain their balance. Proper lighting should be in place, the the stairs themselves should be maintained and cleaned regularly. In the event of a dangerous condition, access to the stairs ought to be restricted until they are safe.

How Premises Liability Attorneys Can Help You

When a loved one is injured at a business or property, it’s crucial to have skilled attorneys on your side. A premises liability lawyer can help guide you through the legal process, offering expert counsel when it comes to injury laws and premises liability laws. We will fight on your behalf to help collect damages from injuries you’ve sustained and hardships related to your injuries.

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