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Street Racing: Dangerous for Drivers and Bystanders

Street Racing: Dangerous for Drivers and Bystanders

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Street racing has been going on since the invention of the first automobile. Despite the increasing public awareness, this pastime seems to be more popular than ever. In the same way people play sports or video games, street racing is becoming a hobby of choice.

As you might imagine, there is a direct correlation between auto accidents and street racing. These auto accidents result in unnecessary injuries and fatalities. What is most frustrating is that street racers not only put themselves in danger, but they compromise the lives of other innocent drivers on the road. In Salt Lake City, UT, the attorneys at Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton can help the victims of street racing accidents obtain the compensation they deserve.

Common Injuries Caused by Street Racing

Injuries sustained from an auto accident can result in profound emotional trauma for the victim and family. In addition to the psychological devastation, these injuries can result in serious financial burdens. Victims of serious car accidents may require several surgeries or a lifetime of therapies and treatments. Injuries that are common as a result of a collision include:

  • Severe burns
  • Internal bleeding
  • Organ damage
  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Brain damage
  • Spinal cord injury

Street Racing Statistics

People of all ages enjoy the adrenaline rush of street racing. However, young men between the ages of 15 and 23 are more likely to participate in this hobby. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that auto accidents are the primary cause of death among drivers 16- to 20-years-old.

Common Factors in Street Racing Accidents

A car can be a weapon, resulting in fatalities when it is not properly operated. For people who participate in street racing, there are a few common factors that can ultimately lead to collisions, including:

  • Ignoring Inclement Weather: Typically, rain, ice, or snow makes drivers more cautious behind the wheel. Participants of street racing tend to ignore bad weather, which can result in skidding, sliding, or losing complete control of the vehicle.
  • Drunk Driving: Believe it or not, many participants in street racing are under the influence of alcohol. Driving drunk while going normal speeds significantly impairs your judgment and reaction time. When driving at speeds 20, 30, or 40 miles over the speed limit, this impairment reaps even more severe consequences.
  • High Emotions: Driving while angry is not a good idea for anyone. Speed racers can become caught up in adrenaline-fueled moments, and lash out in anger against their opponents. This can impair judgment and result in a devastating accident.
  • Ignoring Red Lights: When driving at extremely high speeds, it becomes more and more difficult to react in enough time to successfully control a motor vehicle. In many cases, speed racers are driving so fast they fail to slow down or stop at red lights or stop signs. Not only can this result in a collision with cross-traffic, it can also increase the risk of the driver slamming into cars in front of them, or swerving into oncoming traffic.

Find Out How You Can Receive Compensation for Your Injuries

If you or a family member has been involved in a street racing-related accident, you are entitled to compensation. Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton can help you receive the justice you deserve. To find out more about compensation from auto accidents, contact us online anytime or call our office at (718) 624-1211.