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Some of the most serious and tragic medical mistakes can occur during surgery, which is a topic that we’d like to explore in more detail right now.

We Expect a High Degree of Competence from Surgeons

When we undergo any kind of surgical treatment, it’s not unreasonable to expect surgeons to perform procedures with a certain level of attentiveness and care. Their training should prepare them to perform even extremely difficult procedures with competence, avoiding errors and acting diligently should complications arise.

Sadly, there are instances in which surgeon make costly and avoidable mistakes, ones which lead to serious issues with patient wellness. Sometimes these surgical mistakes can prove fatal.

Issues with Blood Loss During Surgery

If a surgeon does not properly monitor a patient’s blood loss during surgery, or if the patient makes an accidental incision that ruptures a vein or artery, such matters can prove deadly. During surgery, blood loss and proper transfusion has to be monitored.

Leaving Surgical Instruments Inside a Patient

We’ve heard many stories about surgeons leaving instruments inside of patients. This includes surgical sponges and gauze, as well as scalpels, clamps, and other far more dangerous surgical tools. These items left inside of a patient can seriously affect wellness, and even puncture organs and other tissues.

Operating on the Wrong Organ

Though rare, it’s not unheard of. If a chart gets mixed up at a hospital or a surgeon is simply not paying attention to his or her duties, it is possible for patients to have surgery performed on the wrong organ. In addition, the wrong kind of surgery may be performed on the right organ. Such errors are inexcusable.

Problems with Anesthetic

Problems with anesthetic are no laughing matter. When too much anesthetic is used, it can lead to serious medical concerns. There’s also a risk of an allergic reaction to anesthetic that must be taken into account. Most alarming, there are instances of patients becoming conscious and receptive to pain while still undergoing surgery, which leads to a horrifying and excruciating experience that should have been avoided.

Issues with Post-Operative Recovery and Care

Sometimes the mistakes made in a surgery are not apparent until a patient is recovering. The patient may experience major side effects, ones that could have been avoided had the surgeon performed a procedure properly in the first place. The patient may have received poor instructions for post-op care from their surgeon, which could contribute to avoidable complications had the patient been given proper instructions.

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