When thinking about auto accidents and backing out of driveways, you may think about an easily avoidable situation. When you back out of a driveway, you need to be cognizant that children, pets, pedestrians, bicyclists, and cars can appear at any moment. Unfortunately, drivers are not always aware of their surroundings. Auto accidents can seriously hurt or even kill someone.

If you have been injured by someone backing out of their driveway, the attorneys at Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton in Provo, UT can help you receive the compensation you deserve for your hardship.

Why Driveway Accidents Happen

Driveway accidents happen for a variety of reasons, however, the root cause almost always boils down to the driver demonstrating a degree of carelessness and inattentiveness. Drivers can be preoccupied by a number of things: the presentation they are about to give at work, the GPS system they are trying to master, their phone. However, all of these things can be dealt with prior to placing the car in motion. Even momentary distraction can cause a great deal of damage.

In other cases, even when the driver is alert and cognizant, children and pets can run out the front door or garage unbeknownst to the other parent, placing them in grave danger. Teaching your children to avoid running in front of and behind a parked or moving car could help prevent serious injury.

Victims in Driveway Accidents

Because driveways are usually located in residential areas, there are many potential victims when a careless or inattentive driver backs out of the driveway. They include:

  • Children: Especially in summertime, children like to play in the street. They are often preoccupied playing and unaware of their surroundings. It is the driver’s responsibility to know when children are playing in the street.
  • Pedestrians: People love to walk their dog, go for a run, or simply get a little fresh air. Drivers must account for these pedestrians when backing out.
  • Bicyclists: Bicycles are fast and, due to their size, less visible than cars. They can go unnoticed by a driver who is not paying close attention.
  • Other Cars: The faster you drive, the less room for error. If another car is approaching as you back out, the driver may not have time or room to avoid you. You must always look left, right, and behind you before moving.

Preventing Driveway Accidents

Drivers can reduce their likelihood of causing an accident by taking a few simple precautions:

  • Do not hurry: You will not save much time, if any, by speeding out of your driveway. All you will do is endanger anyone in the immediate vicinity.
  • Do a walk around: Make a habit of walking around your car prior to leaving. Check whether any kids are playing nearby and if any toys are in the driveway. Toys can attract children and pets to venture into harm’s way.
  • Talk to your kids: Speak to your kids about the dangers of playing in the street and behind cars. Teach them to constantly be on the lookout for cars.

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