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Several factors make parking lots attractive to criminals, including negligence on the part of business owners. Their refusal to address this very serious problem has resulted in robberies, sexual assaults, kidnappings, and an array of other crimes. If you have been assaulted or otherwise victimized, a parking lot injury lawyer can review your case to determine if your injuries could have been prevented. The team of attorneys at Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton in Provo, UT, work tirelessly to help victims receive rightful compensation. Contact us online or call (801) 753-1616 to schedule a consultation and learn more.

Parking Area Crimes and Negligent Security

Crimes that take place in a parking lot can include any range of acts from robbery to assault. Vast, dimly lit, and poorly secured parking lots tend to attract criminals. This is especially problematic in big chain store parking lots with little to no security and poor lighting. If a business fails to implement adequate safety measures, they can be held liable for any crime that occurs.

Property and business owners are legally responsible to anticipate and prevent potential crime.​

Parking area crimes often happen due to negligent security. When a victim is hurt on account of a business failing to adequately protect its premises, the owner has acted in a negligent manner. Owners are legally responsible to anticipate potential crime, meaning they must take measures to protect their premises. Parking lots should have proper lighting, locks, security guards, security cameras, and silent alarms. Failure to take these safety measures puts customers at risk.

What Measures Can Be Taken to Reduce Parking Area Crime?

Fortunately, parking area crime can often be significantly reduced with a handful of simple measures, such as:

  • Adequate Lighting –A well-lit parking lot allows not only customers to see what is going on, but also security guards and employees inside the store. Lighting is often the first factor assessed by a parking lot injury lawyer.
  • Surveillance Cameras – Visible surveillance cameras deter potential criminals from carrying out crimes. Cameras not only need to be installed but must be working properly at all times. Should a crime take place, security footage can help prosecutors bring a perpetrator to justice.
  • Security Guards – Retailers with large parking lots should invest in a security staff. When security guards patrol an area, potential criminals will likely look elsewhere. Unmarked security vehicles are an effective defense, as well.
  • Proper Design –Parking lots should be designed so that all areas are visible from inside the store. The more isolated and remote the parking lot, the more likely violent crime is to occur in it.

Does My Case Constitute Premises Liability?

It is a business owner’s job to make sure their premises are safe. If they fail to do so, they can be held legally responsible for any crime that occurs on their property. A premises liability lawyer will address a series of questions to establish negligence, including:

  • Was the parking lot dimly lit?
  • Were security cameras in place and were they working?
  • Were security guards on hand?
  • Was the parking lot designed for maximum safety?

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