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Getting behind the wheel and driving a vehicle is a great responsibility. It requires full attention and focus on avoiding hitting other vehicles, property, and pedestrians. According to the Utah Injury Prevention Agency, more than 800 Utahns are involved in an auto-pedestrian accident and are either injured or killed each year. 

Continue reading to learn what to expect and potential legal consequences of hitting a pedestrian.

The Legal Consequences of Hitting a Pedestrian

Hitting a pedestrian with a vehicle inevitably leads to consequences. These repercussions can be minor or significant and can lead to citations, criminal charges, and, in extreme cases, a loss or suspension of driver’s licenses. Being a responsible driver means being an informed driver. 


You can expect some kind of citation and fine if you are involved in a pedestrian-auto accident. The amount of the citation varies in range based on the cause of the accident. A penalty is likely to accrue a higher amount if you hit a pedestrian, because of negligence than if you hit a pedestrian while jaywalking.

Criminal Charges

A criminal charge is a formal accusation made by the government. Hitting a pedestrian can result in criminal charges. Leaving the scene of an accident or “hit and run” accidents can result in a misdemeanor, up to 90 days in prison, and significant fines in Utah. Whether the driver of the vehicle caused the crash or not, they are required by law to stop. 

If a pedestrian is hit by a car and killed, the driver can face manslaughter charges, a felony that can lead to long-term jail time. Criminal charges may be dropped if the driver of the vehicle that hits a pedestrian stops and takes other required steps to report the accident.

Loss or Suspension of a Driver’s License

Driving is a privilege, which comes with even greater responsibility. In some cases, a driver that has hit a pedestrian can have their license suspended. In these types of instances, your license becomes invalid for a certain amount of time. In more extreme cases, such as driving under the influence or purposefully hitting a pedestrian, licenses can be revoked entirely. Depending on the situation, drivers will be required to complete specific steps to have their license reinstated if allowed.

Protect yourself by getting familiar with the rights and duties of drivers and pedestrians alike. Both drivers and pedestrians should know the laws and responsibilities of both parties. Of course, like all things, these laws have exceptions that may be granted. If you have been in an accident involving a vehicle and pedestrian, you should seek proper representation and should not try to handle your case alone. 

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