The most common construction accidents include falls, struck-by hazards, electrocution, and caught in-between objects. 

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Most Common Construction Accidents

Although there are countless ways a construction worker may become injured on the job, the “fatal four” are the top causes of fatalities, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

  1. Falls: Risks that cause the most fall-related injuries and deaths include:
    • Unprotected wall openings, sides, and floor holes
    • Improper scaffold construction: When heavy machinery is present on a scaffold with limited space, falls can happen. Without professionally installed guardrail systems or the use of fall protection, serious injury or death may occur.
    • Misuse of ladders: Stumbling onto unguarded steel rebar can cause impalement.
  2. Struck-by hazards: Speeding cars, falling objects, or putting up walls can cause struck-by accidents.
    • According to OSHA, an estimated 75 percent of struck-by-fatalities involve heavy machineries, such as cranes or trucks.
    • Collapsing masonry walls: Most incidents occur when lifting equipment or jacks are used to position walls and slabs, or when sharing is required until structures can support themselves.
  3. Electrocutions: Several accidents can cause electrocution, including:
    • Touching power lines: Deadly electrocutions, third-degree burns, and falling from high elevations are potential risks.
    • Misuse of equipment: Human error can result in severe injury or death.
  4. Caught In-Between (Trenching): Being caught in-between heavy objects can result in a lack of oxygen and exposure to hazardous chemicals. Causes of these injuries include:
    • Lack of protective system
    • Unstable spoil-pile placement
    • Neglecting trench and protective system maintenance
    • Dangerous access/egress

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What Should I Do If I Experiences Injuries? 

      1. Seek medical help: Seeking treatment for your injuries should be your main priority. Assessing their severity will aid you in making a speedy recovery, and can also help you estimate how much it will cost.  
      2. Report your injuries: You need to report workplace injuries as soon as possible. Keep your manager up-to-date on subsequent developments. For instance, if your doctor diagnoses an injury that wasn’t noticeable at the time of your initial diagnosis, let your manager know. 
      3. Obtain a written report: Your boss must file a report of your accident, and you’re entitled to a copy. Don’t let them deny you a physical copy of it for your records. 
      4. Write down the witness information: If passerby witnessed the accident, ask for their information. You may need a witness’s testimony if you attempt to claim compensation.
      5. Take pictures: Take photos of the premises, including any equipment or tools that caused your injuries.

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