Construction sites come with several hazardous risks, so employers have the responsibility of providing a safe work environment for their employees. One in five workplace fatalities take place in a construction site, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

OSHA has identified the most dangerous accidents that can result in the death of a construction worker, known as the “fatal four.” Learn more about the fatal four in today’s blog. 

What Are the Fatal Four Accidents? 

According to OSHA, the following accidents account for approximately 65 percent of all injuries and deaths in the construction industry:

Number One: Falls: Falls are the most common cause of death in construction sites. 

Number Two: Struck by an object: This type of accident generally occurs when a worker doesn’t follow safety protocols. 

Number Three: Electrocutions: Electrocutions can cause severe injuries, resulting in months or years of rehabilitation. 

Number Four: Caught in or between: This type of accident usually involves a piece of equipment or a falling structure that strikes or crushes a worker. 

We recommend both employers and employees to abide by the following protection guidelines.

Best Practices for Fall Safety

To keep employees safe from falls, employers should do the following:

  • Offer mandatory job hazard and safety training via video
  • Select adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and provide it to employees for free
  • Cover floor holes where workers might accidentally fall
  • Install toe boards and guard rails around elevated platforms and other walking paths
  • Install guard rails around all machinery that a worker might bump into
  • Incorporate lines, nets, harnesses, railings, and additional fall protection that’s appropriate for the job
  • Make sure floors are always clean


Best Practices for Struck-By-Object Safety

Here’s how employees can remain safe when it comes to struck-by-object safety: 

  • Provide training to vehicle operators in clear, concise language
  • Maintain a workplace where employees never find themselves between moving or fixed objects
  • Provide PPE, such as high-visibility gloves and attire, for those working with heavy equipment


Best Practices for Electrocution Safety

Companies can do the following to keep their workers safe from electrocution: 

  • Provide proper electrical safety classes that focus on lockout/tag-out procedures
  • Select adequate PPE, such as insulated gloves, and give it to employees at no cost
  • Remember to power down electrical tools, machinery, and other dangerous electrical equipment when not in use
  • Identify and label all electrical hazards


Best Practices to Prevent Caught-In Object Accidents

Make sure to implement the following guidelines to keep workers safe from caught-in object accidents:

  • Maintain full awareness of moving equipment
  • Never wear jewelry, loose clothing, or let your hair down around machinery
  • Secure machinery to prevent it from falling
  • Never transport unstable loads
  • Reinforce trenches to avoid collapse


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