Sexual abuse is a traumatic and devastating event that no person should have to endure. Regardless of it happening at the hands of someone you know or a stranger, the scars left after this tragic incident, mentally, emotionally, and physically, can last the rest of your life. However, an experienced sexual abuse attorney can help you begin to move forward with your life by holding your abuser accountable.

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What Does a Sexual Abuse Lawyer Do?

A sexual abuse lawyer will help you take legal action. Sexual abusers and those failing to protect those in their care must be held accountable. A skilled attorney understands the laws associated with sexual abuse and can be your strength during a troubling and overwhelming time. A sexual abuse attorney will help you achieve the justice and support you deserve to help you move on with your life. As a sexual abuse victim, you have likely undergone and felt a substantial amount of physical pain and psychological anguish. A knowledgeable sexual assault lawyer will help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Holding Sexual Abusers Accountable

Generally speaking, the legal definition of sexual abuse is any unwanted, non-consensual sexual contact, though it varies by state and type. Sexual assault is a crime, and the abusers should be held accountable. In addition to a criminal court sentencing, a perpetrator can also be sued in civil court for compensation, including:

  • Medical treatment for injuries related to the assault 
  • Loss of wages or employment caused by the assault
  • Emotional or mental therapy or counseling due to the assault
  • Any other damages incurred because of the assault

Additionally, with the help of a sexual abuse lawyer, you may be able to sue a third party for negligence, in some cases. For example, if you were assaulted in a parking garage of an office building, it could not have been lit well enough, or no surveillance cameras were monitoring the area. You may have a case against the parking garage owner, and they may be held accountable.

Get the Help and Representation You Deserve

Unfortunately, many victims of sexual abuse decide not to report the incident, seek medical attention, or press charges against their abuser. If you are the victim of sexual assault, always report the incident to the police. There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of when it comes to sexual violence, and reporting the matter can prevent future assaults. If you are are the victim of sexual assault, contact a sexual abuse lawyer.

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