Nursing home neglect is when patients do not receive adequate mental and physical care. Even though it may not be intentional, it is still dangerous. 

The health risks can be serious and should not be taken lightly. Continue reading to learn more. 

 Causes of Nursing Home Neglect

 There are many reasons, both intentional and unintentional, as to why this type of neglect occurs. Either way, both are forms of elder abuse.

 In most cases, negligence is unintentional. Short staffing, inadequate training, and high turnover rates are common unintended causes of neglect. Employees of care centers generally want to provide proper care, but in some cases, it accidentally falls through the cracks.

 In rare cases, mistreatment can be intentional. Due to apathy or a more sinister reason, patients may receive substandard care. Either way, every case needs to be reported to the proper authorities. According to Nursing Home Abuse Justice, an estimated 5,000,000 people are affected by elder abuse every single year.

 Common Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

 To evaluate a nursing home’s quality of care, look for red flags that may indicate a problem. While one of these signs may not point to a pattern of neglect, seeing multiple may be cause for concern.

 Poor Personal Hygiene Nursing homes help their patients with basic personal hygiene. Workers assist patients with a variety of hygienic tasks such as brushing their teeth, bathing, clipping their nails, and changing their clothes. A frequent lack of acceptable hygiene may point to neglect.

 Unsanitary Living Conditions Clean and sanitary living conditions are a necessary aspect of proper care. Fresh bedding, clean bathrooms, and tidy rooms are essential aspects of adequate living conditions. If surroundings are frequently unsanitary, this may be a sign of elder abuse.

 Malnutrition Nursing homes are required to provide proper nutrition to all of their patients. Mistreatment in this area can result in patient malnutrition and dehydration. When visiting a loved one, make sure that healthy foods are being served and that they are well hydrated. If not, consider this a red flag.

 Unexplained Injuries- Fractures, lacerations, bumps, and bruises point to potential physical abuse. If you notice any unexplained injuries on your loved one, this may be a sign of physical abuse such as hitting, kicking, and pushing.

 Consequences of Elder Abuse

 Failing to provide adequate care to patients can result in many penalties for the care center. If a single employee is neglecting patients, they can be punished or even terminated. If the neglect becomes habitual, the care center can receive civil or even criminal charges. Individuals and care centers can also receive financial penalties and may even be denied the ability to work with the elderly in the future.

If Your Loved One Has Suffered Abuse, Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton Can Help

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