Selecting a nursing home for yourself or a loved one can be difficult, and it’s a stressful decision that you should make with care.

Many people wonder what they should consider when selecting a home. Here are some items that you should review when making this important decision.

The Staff

The staff at the nursing home is going to have the most interaction with the loved one. Be observant of how they treat the other residents. Do they seem to have their best interests in heart? Are they professional and respectful with their treatment of the other residents? Do they create a comfortable and relaxed environment? These are questions that should be asked while you are observing.

Observing and communicating with the administration is vital when making this decision. The home’s administrator is responsible for the type of care for your loved one and is also the main point of contact. Make sure the administrator is easily accessible and available. If the administrator is difficult to contact, this could be considered a red flag.


A care center should be within close proximity to loved ones. If an emergency were to happen, a 10-15 minute drive is a lot more doable than an hour long trip. A close facility can provide a lot of peace of mind. Social and family visits are easier to make when the facility is close in proximity. These visits help to maintain familial relationships and make the loved one feel a sense of connection and purpose.

The Size

Is your loved one an introvert or an extrovert? Would they thrive in a big group of people or would they prefer smaller crowds and some time alone? If your loved one is an extrovert, is there a lot of space for activities and many people to interact with? If they are an introvert, are there smaller activity groups or other locations for solo activities? These are just some of the questions you should consider as you make a decision in the size of the facility.


Medicare provides a comprehensive checklist of items that should be covered when selecting a care center. Included in the checklist is the basic information of the facility, safety and care, proper certifications, the appearance, the menu, and other important factors.  Use this as a template when making the final decision. Ask a lot of questions, observe, and trust your gut. If a certain facility does meet these qualifications, do not be afraid to say no and look at other options. There are a lot of nursing facilities that provide different levels of care and attention to their residents.  Take the time to make sure that the facility that you choose will meet the needs of your loved ones.

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