Injuries in the workplace are rare, but a reality of working in a warehouse or manufacturing operation. Every workplace in America is held to certain safety standards to protect the wellbeing of their employees and customers. It’s critical that everyone be aware of the safety protocols that are required of workplaces and public spaces, and that we work together to make the world a safer place to live, work, and enjoy life.

Unfortunately, injuries will still occur. The human element means there will always be judgment calls and errors. Safety protocols attempt to limit the risk and provide support and intervention when errors are made. But still, there are car accidents, machinery malfunctions, slip-and-fall injuries, and even the dangerous burn injuries that can occur in the workplace despite best efforts to keep you safe. When there is an accident or injury, you can be assured that the business will turn directly to lawyers for settlement or liability litigation. So what should you do if you’re injured in a workplace accident? You should turn to seasoned accident lawyers as well.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are among the most serious and in need of injury lawyer intervention. Burn injuries are common and range from mild to fatal. Another concern with burn injuries is the route to recovery since burns are the hardest to heal, medicate, and rehabilitate. Immediate infection concerns and vitals are the first steps, then debridement of burned and damaged skin, then the excruciating and long process of skin grafts and healing. Plastic surgery can be another concern in the event of burn injuries, especially for the face, chest, and hands. This means that a burn injury lawsuit can cover much more than the initial medical bills and that the burn injury can affect so many areas of your life.

What to Prove in a Burn Injury Lawsuit

If you are the victim of a burn injury and need to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and other negative consequences of your burn injury, there are a few key indicators that need to be proven to lead to a favorable outcome in the lawsuit. First, you have to prove that the defendant (for example, an employer or property owner) had a duty to provide a safe environment. Once this duty is proven, you have to show that the duty was not met through negligence or error. Finally, you have to prove that this negligence or error to provide a safe environment or process directly caused or resulted in your burn injury.

Proving a burn injury liability in a lawsuit is complicated and a very long process. It’s more than the average citizen is able to carry out when recovering from the burn injury. That’s why our lawyers at Flickinger, Sutterfield and Boulton provide legal assistance and representation that allows you to focus on recovery while we prepare and negotiate the entire case for you. We don’t get paid until you do, so we work hard to get you the maximum compensation. Don’t wait – call Flickinger, Sutterfield and Boulton now.