Auto accidents are common and often serious, happening every single day. Collisions can happen on roads, in parking lots, at intersections, and even on sidewalks and shoulders.

Unfortunately, the hassle isn’t over once the car is off to the shop and the bruises are inspected. The next part of a car accident is incredibly important, but often complex and controversial.

Whenever there is an accident, fault and investigation need to be completed to move forward with insurance claims. Often it’s straightforward and doesn’t need a police involvement, such as when you hit a parked car. Other collisions can be more complicated.

Fault and severity need to be determined and reported to the insurance companies. Even more complicated accidents may require the involvement of Provo Utah Injury Lawyers like the ones at Flickinger, Sutterfield, and Boulton to maximize your compensation.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are common and very dangerous. It can be easy to assume that the driver is always at fault since cars are larger, faster, and more harmful. The reality is that pedestrians can, and often are, at fault. If you are involved in a pedestrian accident, make sure that you carefully report and investigate to look for these pedestrian traffic faults that could cause an accident.

  • Jaywalking – anytime that a pedestrian crosses the street outside of a delineated crosswalk, that is called jaywalking and it’s illegal. For example, some people choose to cross halfway down the block rather than walk down to an intersection with a crosswalk. If you hit a pedestrian crossing the street without a crosswalk when the pedestrian is at fault.

  • Ignoring Signs – We’ve probably all seen a pedestrian cross against a light. They just don’t want to wait for that “Don’t Walk” to change to “Walk” when it looks like there are no cars coming. This can be more difficult to prove, but usually, traffic or business cameras can be used to show if pedestrians crossed against signs.

  • Bad Judgment – Pedestrians make bad choices just as often as drivers do. This could include pedestrians walking into the street, walking erratically or even succumbing to road rage. If you are involved in an accident with a pedestrian that was not walking responsibly, chances are you are not at fault and you should seek legal help for your claim.

At Flickinger, Sutterfield, and Boulton, we have extensive experience helping customers with injury claims and accident investigations. Don’t try to handle your accident all by yourself, especially if a pedestrian is involved. Our experts will help you manage the paperwork, negotiate payout, investigate accidents, communicate with police, medical, and insurance liaisons to maximize your payout and take care of each and every step of the process.

We begin with a free consultation to learn about you and your case, and then we can begin our own investigation and advocate for you. The sooner we get involved, the faster we can get you to a satisfactory resolution. Call our injury lawyers right away and let us help you.