Drunk driving accidents can result in physical and emotional pain, as well as financial difficulties. Impaired driving is illegal and life-threatening.

Continue reading to learn more about the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

Drunk Driving Accidents Explained

If intoxicated driving is so dangerous, why do people do it? Some people do it so that they can make it home after drinking at a bar or restaurant. The victim of a drunk driving collision must understand which steps to take right after the accident while coping with the initial shock and trauma of the crash. They often sustain debilitating, sometimes life-threatening injuries as a result, so it’s crucial to understand which parties may be held legally accountable.

Often, multiple parties can be held responsible. Discover more about liability in intoxicated collisions below.

The Drunk Driver

In every personal injury case, the victims must prove that their injuries are the result of the defendant’s negligent behavior. Driving under the influence qualifies as negligent behavior because it endangers other drivers. Although most people know that drunk drivers can be held liable in intoxicated driving cases, they aren’t the only party that may face repercussions.

Bars and Restaurants

Believe it or not, the licensed vendor that sold the drunk driver alcohol may be held responsible for a victim’s injuries in some states. For instance, in Utah, three potential violations can serve as the foundation for a lawsuit:

  • Serving alcohol to a minor (someone under age 21)
  • Serving alcohol to someone who is already under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Serving alcohol to an interdicted person, which is someone who has been ordered by a court not to drink alcohol.

A victim can use all three of the above violations in a dram shop claim if the perpetrator drives while intoxicated or starts a bar fight later on.

For instance, let’s say a bartender continues to serve a man who is clumsy, slurs his speech, and is visibly inebriated. If he gets into a car accident on his way home and hits another driver, the vendor may be held liable for continuing to serve a visibly drunk patron.

On the other hand, the vendor may not be held liable if they stopped serving the man drinks once they noticed that he had one too many.

Social Hosts

People who serve alcohol to guests in their home are known as social hosts, and sometimes, they can be held liable for a victim’s injuries. For example, if a woman hosts a party with alcohol in her house, she must confirm that every person drinking is over  21. Furthermore, she must watch her guests carefully to determine who is drinking too much so that she can stop serving them alcohol.

It’s important to note that in Utah, social hosts can only be held liable if the perpetrator of a drunk driving accident was a minor under 21. If a drunk adult causes a car crash, the social host won’t be found liable.

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