When employees are injured, they typically expect worker’s compensation benefits to kick in and help provide for them while they are out of work. Unfortunately, it is not always that simple.

In some cases, a worker’s compensation claim may be denied. Or, even if a claim is approved, the insurance company may withhold or fail to pay some benefits.

Employees can work with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, such as those at Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton, to protect their rights. There are many types of lawsuits that can be filed in pursuit of financial compensation. Here, we discuss workers’ compensation benefits, along with what they cover, so our Provo, UT clients know what they can expect if they are injured.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

There are various benefits that are provided by a workers’ compensation insurance policy. It is important for employees to understand the types of benefits offered by their plan so that they can seek appropriate coverage in the event of an accident.

While the exact details of each plan may vary, following are some of the most common benefits that may be provided by workers’ compensation:

  • Medical expenses: Workers’ compensation benefits should cover all medical expenses stemming from a work injury. This includes diagnosis, treatment, medication, and any necessary follow-up care, including rehabilitation and physical therapy. Although initial medical treatment has to be administered by a workers’ compensation-approved provider (unless appropriate paperwork has previously been filed), injury victims can switch to their own provider after a certain amount of time.
  • Disability: Disability benefits are meant to cover wages that may be lost while a person recovers from their injuries. The extent of disability benefits available to an employee will depend on the extent of their injuries. A worker may be due benefits for temporary or permanent disabilities, as well as partial or complete disabilities.
  • Death benefits: If work injuries result in an employee’s death, the family may be due certain death benefits through workers’ compensation coverage. These benefits may include the cost of any medical expenses that were incurred before the death, as well as funeral expenses.

Protect Your Rights

The best way for an employee to protect their rights after a work injury is to work with one of the experienced personal injury attorneys at Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton. Our attorneys can assist in filing a workers’ compensation claim, or in filing a lawsuit to seek financial compensation for any damages that may have been denied by the insurer. We will fight to protect our client’s rights and help them receive all the benefits they are due from their workers’ compensation coverage.

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