Commercial trucks, such as delivery trucks and big rigs, present tremendous dangers on the road to smaller cars and their passengers. Truck drivers must be aware of the potential harm their unwieldy vehicles can cause, and other drivers need to be hyper-vigilant around their presence. Car accidents that are minor when they relate to small cars can result in severe injury or even death when an 18-wheeler is involved. Keep on reading to learn more about the most common causes of truck accidents. 

1. Fatigue

The most common cause of truck accidents is fatigue because most truck drivers are behind the wheel for several hours, with little to no rest in between. People who are truck drivers for a living are under heaps of pressure by companies that demand goods be delivered within a short period. They seldom get quality sleep within the course of their journeys. A combination of fatigue and stress from the job causes them to lose concentration and coordination, to the point where some of them fall asleep while driving. 

2. Drug and Alcohol Use

Many truck drivers have been arrested for drinking alcohol or using drugs while on the job. Some of them only take these substances at stops in towns across the country, but others take it a step further and carry drugs and alcohol with them on their deliveries. Regardless of how they use these substances, their driving abilities become impaired, making them more prone to causing accidents. Drivers who take prescription drugs may also experience lousy judgment and drowsiness behind the wheel. 

3. Lack of Training and Poor Truck Maintenance

Before a driver can legally drive a large commercial vehicle, they’re required to meet a threshold of training hours to prove they’re responsible and skilled enough. Moreover, they must attain their Commercial Driver’s License or CDL for short. Unfortunately, some people who are only interested in driving trucks for fun lie about their credentials; as a result, the roads are subjected to an inexperienced truck driver with no certifications. 

Additionally, the law requires them to check if their trucks are in top condition before hitting the road. Some drivers cut corners and don’t perform routine truck maintenance to save time and money. An untrained driver with a poorly maintained truck is a recipe for disaster. 

4. Distracted Driving

After driving long distances for several hours, some drivers grow bored and resort to distracted driving. They pull out their phones and text their friends, call their loved ones, and scroll through social media with only one hand on the wheel. Some of them have even caused accidents by shifting their glance from the road to their radio to change the station. A driver should never take their eyes off the road, even if it’s for a fraction of a second.

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