Whether you drive a car or truck or ride a motorcycle, you take a true risk every time you get on the road. You may be the safest driver in the state of Utah, but your vigilance will only provide you with so much protection. There are still thousands of drivers out there who are checking out the latest Facebook posts on their cell phones, adjusting their hair in their rearview mirrors, and trying to scarf down Big Macs when they should have their eyes on the road. They think they’re in total control, but in actual fact, they’re car accidents waiting to happen.

Unfortunately, auto accidents caused by distracted drivers do happen, and they’re often devastating. If you or a member of your family has been injured by an accident caused by a distracted driver, or if you have tragically lost a family member in such an accident, the personal injury attorneys of Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton can provide you with the exceptional legal representation you need to obtain the compensation you deserve. When it comes to litigating claims involving auto accidents and distracted driving, our Provo, UT lawyers have the experience, skills, and resources to handle even the most complex cases successfully.

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Common Driver Distractions That Result in Auto Accidents

Many drivers think that they can take their eyes off the road for a few seconds without consequence, but a lot can happen in a short amount of time. Consider how long even two seconds actually is, especially if you’re driving at, say, 60 miles per hour. How long does it take for the car in front of you to slam on its brakes and come to a sudden halt? How long does it take to accidentally swerve into an adjacent lane of traffic? Sadly, many drivers have to learn the answers to questions such as these the hard way.

Yet, many drivers take several seconds to perform such actions as these:

  • Use their cell phones, whether to talk, text, access the Internet or look up directions
  • Adjust their portable music device, CD player, or radio
  • Engage in a conversation or argument, whether with a passenger or with someone on a hands-free calling device
  • Read billboards, bumper stickers, windshield decals, license plate holders, and road signs
  • Fix their hair, apply makeup, or simply admire themselves in their rearview mirror or a handheld mirror
  • Eat or drink
  • Try to read handwritten directions, a traditional map, or some other written material
  • Use a GPS or other dashboard device

Our personal injury lawyers use all of the investigative and accident reconstruction resources at their disposal to collect evidence and present the strongest case possible on behalf of those injured by distracted drivers.

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