There are numerous reasons why car accidents occur, but maintenance errors make up nearly two percent of auto accidents in the United States each year.

Regardless of the cause, mechanical errors can cause motorists to lose control of their vehicles resulting in severe accidents. Keep reading to learn more about the most common types of vehicle-related accidents and how to protect yourself against them.

Maintenance Errors Caused from Tires

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tire problems account for nearly 35 percent of vehicle-related accidents. It may seem like a trivial task, but tire maintenance is essential to keep your car running securely and to protect the passengers within.

Here are some common problems that arise from poor tire maintenance:

  • Improper inflation – If tires are not properly inflated, they will wear quicker than normal. Over-inflation will cause the tread on the middle of the tire to wear down quicker, while under-inflation will wear down its edges.
  • Wheel alignment – If you feel your car naturally pulling to one side, the alignment is probably skewed. Unsuitable alignment can cause heavy wear on one side of the tire.
  • Abnormal thumping or vibrations while driving – If you notice any of these red flags, this could mean that your tires are worn down and you should seek maintenance right away.

Tires typically last between 3-5 years depending on quality and upkeep. Tire rotations, balancing, and wheel alignments should be done regularly to ensure your tires perform at their maximum function.

Brakes and Mechanical Failure

The NHSTA sites that brake malfunctions are the second leading cause of vehicle-related accidents each year.

To keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, here are some common signs of brake complications to watch out for:

  • Brake light – A glaring brake light on your dashboard is the most obvious sign of trouble. Never ignore this warning sign even if you have recently had brake work done.
  • Unusual noises – Bad brakes can cause unusual noises when you use them. If you hear squealing or grinding, this could mean that the brake pads are wearing down.
  • Burning smell – If a burning smell arises when applying the brakes, this means that they are overheating, so stop driving immediately and let them cool down. This can indicate that total brake failure is imminent.

If you notice any of these troublesome signs, even after scheduled maintenance was performed, do not be afraid to take your car in to have recent work reviewed. Defective brakes drastically increase the chances of an accident and should not be ignored.

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