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Health Insurance Bad Faith: Help for Patients and Consumers

Health Insurance Bad Faith: Help for Patients and Consumers

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While you may have an insurance claim denied for legitimate reasons, this is not always the case. Sometimes you’ll have a legitimate claim denied for reasons that are arbitrary or unjust. This is an example of insurance bad faith. Our Provo, UT lawyers can help with these kinds of legal cases, appealing your insurance denial and taking the insurer to court if need be.

Bad faith in medical coverage can be the most painful and tragic of cases. We relay on medical insurers to help us pay for crucial health procedures, some of which may literally mean the difference between life and death.

Examples of Bad Faith on the Part of Insurers

Health insurance companies can engage in a number of unjust practices with regard to insurance. This includes:

  • Refusing to pay a claim covered by your insurance policy
  • Intentional delays in the processing of your insurance claim
  • Requiring excessive documentation or reports on your part
  • Only making partial payments on your claim
  • Canceling your coverage due to the nature of your claim
  • Refusing medical coverage because of a recent diagnosis
  • Poor investigation of your legitimate claim

In addition to the above, some insurance companies make threats against their policy holders, which is something that should never be tolerated.

The Pains of Paying Out of Pocket

The cost of medical care is extremely high in the United States. Some people can only receive the treatment they need because of their health care plan. If you are forced to pay for an entire medical procedure out of pocket without help from insurance, it could put you in a great deal of debt that takes a long time to overcome.

Steps to Filing an Insurance Claim

Be sure that you’re filing an insurance claim, the treatment or nature of treatment is covered by your insurance policy. Provide all of the required documentation when filing your claim as well, following the stipulations in your policy to the letter. All the while, be sure to keep records. Make copies of documents being filed, and log any phone or email conversations regarding your claim. This can all be used as evidence in the case of a denial or other unethical actions made by an insurance company.

Appealing the Denial of a Legitimate Claim

When appealing a denied insurance claim, it’s important that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer will help you navigate the complexities of your insurance policy and assist with the appeal process. This helps you make sure your appeal is filed in a timely manner and is as airtight as possible.

Our Lawyers Are on Your Side

In addition to helping with denied claims, our lawyers will fight for you when your insurance company mistreats you or violates the stipulations of your coverage. We will not be intimidated by their legal team, and will always have your back throughout this process. You can count on us for legal counsel during this difficult time.

Learn More About Insurance Bad Faith Lawsuits

For more information about your legal rights and options against insurance companies, be sure to contact an experienced insurance attorney. The lawyers at our firm are here to help you and your loved ones in your time of legal need.