Whenever we’re out and about going through our day, we often do not consider the risk of electrocution. That’s because many places we frequent are safe and the risk rarely enters our mind. However, when an electrical injury does occur, the consequences can be catastrophic.

The premises liability lawyers at our Provo, UT law firm would like to cover some of the basics associated with electrical injuries and electrocution at business establishments. This will help you understand thew severity of these kinds of incidents.

Statistics on Electrocution Accidents

According to some estimates, an average of 30,000 Americans experience a non-fatal electrocution injury every year. The severity of these injuries varies greatly, from minor harm to accidents with long-term repercussions. As far as fatalities go, it’s been estimated that electrocutions account for 1 percent of accidental deaths each year.

The electrocution numbers are different when considering construction and industrial workers rather than the civilian population, but this gives you a good idea why these kinds of injuries need to be taken seriously.

Potential Electrocution Hazards

There are a number of potential electrocution hazards that may be present at a given building or business. These include the following:

  • Exposed Wires – Exposed wires at any sort of establishment are a major electrocution hazard. That’s particularly true when these wires are in high-traffic areas of a building.
  • Faulty Electrical Outlets – Poor installation or placement of electrical outlets may increase the risk of electrocution at a given place of business.
  • Damaged Extension Cords – Old extension cords may be an electrocution hazard waiting to happen. If cords are frayed or in poor condition, they should be replaced in order to prevent injury.
  • Bad Wiring in Pools and Hot Tubs – Lights are necessary in pools and hot tubs, but faulty wiring of these lights can turn these leisurely locations deadly. Poor grounding can also play a role in these kinds of horrible accidents.

Burn Injury from Electrical Accidents

Severe electrocutions can result in severe burn injuries that affect the skin as well as tissues below the skin. Given how serious these burns can be and how difficult they are to diagnose, it’s estimated that around 1,000 people die each year because of electrical burn injuries.

Neurological Damage from Electrocution

Since electrical injuries affect the soft tissues of the body, it should come as little surprise that electrocution can lead to serious harm to the nerves. You may lose sensation or proper function of various body parts as well as internal organs.

Damage to the Heart and Internal Organs

On the note of organ damage, there is a serious risk of heart failure and heart problems following a major electrocution injury. The biggest danger is ventricular fibrillation, in which the heart’s electrical activity is thrown off and the ventricles stop working. Ventricular fibrillation is often fatal.

Property Owners Must Keep People Safe

Given all of the dangers that electricity poses to people, it’s the duty of business and property owners to keep people safe. Wiring must be kept away from the public, and hazards must be dealt with by professionals.

Should you suffer from a preventable electrocution accident at a property, our attorneys will be here to help.

Learn More About Electrocution Injuries

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