Being involved in an auto accident can be a very frightening and stressful experience, especially if the collision was not your fault. Establishing liability can sometimes be convoluted and complicated, but it will be much easier if you are prepared.

Continue reading to find out what you should do after an accident that was caused by someone else.

Photograph the Damage

Pictures come in handy when there is any confusion or doubt about who is at fault in an auto accident. Instead of just taking pictures of the scene, be sure to capture the positions of the cars, any damage to them, road and weather conditions, and anything else you believe might be important. Additionally, be sure to gather images from multiple angles. 

Look for Obvious Traffic Violations

If it is obvious that the other driver has broken one or more traffic violations, it will be much easier to prove their negligence. Common violations that often lead to auto accidents include disobeying speed limits, running a red light or stop sign, and failing to yield. You can find a comprehensive list of traffic laws from the Department of Public Safety in your state. 

Never Admit Fault

Proving the other driver is at fault is key to demonstrating your innocence. Continue to gather supporting documents, have them handy for insurance companies, and be sure to never admit any degree of fault.

Contact the Police

Regardless of the size of the collision, you should always call the police at the accident scene. Be sure to obtain a copy of the police report, which contains helpful information to establish who is responsible. A police report also acts as supportive proof to use when you file an insurance claim.

Exchange Contact Information

One of the first things you should do after a car accident that was not your fault is to exchange information with the other driver. Here is the specific information that should be exchanged between both parties:

  • Name, address, and phone number
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number
  • Insurance company information and policy number

Speak to Witnesses

Obtaining witness statements is crucial in establishing liability. You will want to talk to third-party witnesses who can give a neutral statement about what they saw. These individuals provide powerful evidence that can help convince the insurance company that you are not accountable.

Hire a Professional

Hiring an expert attorney who specializes in car accidents can be an invaluable help in proving your innocence. They will know what supporting documents will help your case and how to best help you.

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