With the number of drivers traveling the roads and highways of Salt Lake City County, it probably isn’t much of a surprise that auto accidents are a real concern. Many auto accidents occur on these congested roads, resulting in hundreds of personal injuries and roughly 50 deaths per year. These car accidents cause financial, physical, and emotional losses for those who are involved.

Drivers should be aware of the risks of an auto accident, and when that risk may be heightened. For instance, a number of car accidents occur at night. The experienced attorneys at Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton understand the risk of auto accidents and night driving for our Provo, UT clients. Our legal team is ready to assist victims of accidents so they can be justly compensated for their full range of losses.

Dangerous Times to Drive

It can be easy to ignore the dangers of driving because it is a task that most people do on a daily basis. However, the fact is that driving is often the riskiest activity a person will perform each day. Data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that, on average, over 40,000 Americans are killed in auto accidents each year. This is a scary statistic in and of itself, but the number of auto accident injuries is even greater.

There are many factors that contribute to the risks of driving and one of these is the time of day that a person is driving. Statistically speaking, the risk of being injured or killed in an auto accident is greater at night. Nearly 50 percent of auto accident fatalities occur after the sun has set.

What Makes Night Driving So Dangerous?

There are several factors that account for the increased risk of auto accidents at night. Below are some of the largest contributors to auto accidents at night:

  • Reduced visibility: It is much more difficult to see the road and other drivers or pedestrians clearly when the sun is down. While streetlights and headlights are meant to increase visibility for night drivers, these bright lights can also be a problem, as they can temporarily blind a driver.
  • Speeding: Speeding can be a problem at any time of day, but data suggests that there is an increased number of speeding drivers on the road at night.
  • Drunk driving: Driving under the influence is another form of reckless driving that can take place at any time of day. However, statistics show that roughly half of the fatal crashes at night are related to driving under the influence, compared to just 18 percent of fatal crashes during the day.
  • Driving without a seatbelt: Driving without a seatbelt cannot increase the risk of an auto accident, but it can certainly increase the damages of a car crash. Of those drivers who are killed in auto accidents at night, nearly two-thirds were not wearing a seatbelt.

Working with an Auto Accident Attorney

No matter what time of day an auto accident occurs, it is important for accident victims to work with an experienced attorney. Our legal team works closely with experts in the field to prove liability so that our clients can be justly compensated for the full extent of their losses. Those who have been injured may be due financial compensation for damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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