Most people associate a personal injury with a car accident, but there are other ways a person can get hurt and require medical attention. One of the most common types of injuries that is often overlooked is a dog bite.

Dog bite cases can present certain legal obstacles, but these obstacles can also be overcome by a competent dog bite attorney.

For help recovering damages in dog bite cases in Provo, UT, contact Flickinger, Sutterfield, and Boulton. Our approach is one that takes into account the unique aspects of accidents involving animals, and we work with you to get the results you deserve.

Types of Damages Available in Dog Bite Cases

Damages in personal injury cases revolve around the injury itself, and what is needed to fully recover from the injury. Typical damages include medical bills and the cost to repair or replace a vehicle. Other damages available in dog bite cases can include:

  • Medical costs, including doctor visits and prescription medicine expenses, as well as the cost of any surgery required.
  • Lost income, if you had to take time off work to receive treatment or undergo a surgical procedure.
  • Long term care and rehabilitation expenses.
  • Loss of future earnings if you are unable to return to work in the same or a similar position.

Depending on the circumstances, it might also be possible to make a claim for, and receive, damages for emotional distress or an award of punitive damages. These types of damages are more difficult to calculate, and require an effective presentation of evidence to prove an amount.

Who Is Responsible in a Dog Bite Case?

As with any personal injury case, the party responsible for the injury is liable for payment of damages. In a dog bite case, this liability falls on the owner of the dog. An owner may have to pay a victim out of pocket, but usually homeowners’ insurance covers the cost in dog bite cases.

Many homeowners’ insurance policies provide coverage for dog bites, and it is worth taking a look to see if there is insurance available in your case. There are also other types of insurance that might extend coverage to a dog bite, such as auto insurance or a special provision in another policy held by the owner of the dog.

To obtain maximum recovery, every avenue of recovery must be explored. Dog bite attorneys with experience in these extraordinary types of cases can help, and will know how to draft your demand in a way that gets a satisfactory response.

Where to Turn for Assistance with a Dog Bite Case

If you have suffered an attack by a dog, the first step is to seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. It is important to have an examination performed to prevent infection and treat you for the injuries you have suffered. Thereafter you are entitled to reimbursement for your damages, and we can help.

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