When people in the greater Provo area are involved in serious car accidents, they can turn to our team of attorneys for legal counsel and support. Using our years of experience with injury and accident litigation, we can help hold negligent parties accountable if their actions led to severe injury or the death of someone you love.

Some collisions may prove deadlier than others. T-bone collisions, for instance, can lead to debilitating injuries as well as fatalities. Let’s consider why these kinds of collisions need to be take very seriously.

What Is a T-bone Auto Accident?

T-bone auto accidents are one of the deadliest kinds of impacts when it comes to vehicle collisions. They occur when a vehicle is struck on their passenger side or the driver’s side by a car traveling perpendicular to it. The nature of the collision is illustrated by the letter T.

T-bone auto accidents are also known as a broadside collisions, side-impact accidents, and right-angle collisions.

Statistics on T-bone Auto Accidents

According to numbers from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), side impact collisions accounted for 25% of vehicle occupant fatalities in 2015. The only deadlier kind of impact was front-end collisions, which accounted for 54% of passenger deaths in the same year.

Common Causes of T-bone Collisions

Common causes of T-bone accidents include the following:

  • Running Red Lights and Stop Signs – If someone runs a red light or misses a stop sign at an intersection, it’s possible for this motorist to strike another vehicle traveling perpendicular to it or vice versa.
  • Use of Cell Phones While Driving – Texting while driving and other activities on a cell phone take you eyes off the road, making it more likely for you to miss signals and signs and collide with others.
  • Driver Distraction – In addition to texting while driving, other sources of distraction can increase the risk of a T-bone accident occurring.
  • Drunk Driving – Drunk drivers often engage in dangerous and reckless behaviors. This can lead to missing signals at intersections or taking other chances that make T-bone collisions more likely.
  • Brake Malfunctions – Sometimes people drive safely but their brakes do not work properly. This can lead to T-bone collisions as well as other kinds of accidents (particularly rear-end collisions).

Injuries Sustained from T-bone Accidents

All sorts of injuries may arise from a T-bone accident, such as broken bones, head trauma, neck injuries, and internal injuries. The injuries tend to be most severe for the vehicle struck on its side. While side-impact airbags can reduce the force of the collision, they may not be enough to absorb the full force of the oncoming vehicle. The side of a vehicle is simply more vulnerable than the front or the read of the vehicle.

The Increased Risk of Fatal Injuries

Given the vulnerability of drivers and passengers in side-impact collisions, it should come as no surprise that fatalities are a serious risk in T-bone accidents. This is especially true when the vehicle struck on its side is hit by a larger vehicle (commercial truck, SUV) or by a vehicle that is traveling very fast.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You

Our team of lawyers will fight to hold negligent drivers responsible for their actions. Our team of attorneys will analyze the collision and help assess who was negligent in this collision. We will then help seek damages to cover medical expenses, funerary costs in the case of fatal collisions, lost wages, and to punish the negligent motorist. Our team is on your side.

Learn More About Your Your Legal Options After a Collision

For more information about your legal rights after a major auto collision, be sure to contact our team of personal injury attorneys today. The lawyers of Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton are here to help you collect damages for severe injuries and hold negligent parties accountable.