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Rear end auto accidents sometimes result in minor fender benders. At higher speeds, they can turn serious and even deadly.

About Rear End Auto Accidents

Rear end auto accidents refer to collisions in which the front of one vehicle strikes the back of another vehicle. These kinds of collisions are extremely common and the most likely to occur.

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), of the 6 million annual auto collisions in the United States, roughly 2.5 million of those are rear end auto accidents. That’s 40 percent of all collisions.

Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is extremely dangerous, even at low speeds. If your eyes are off the road and on your phone, you may not notice motorists or other hazards right in front of you.

Distracted Driving

In addition to the use of cell phones behind the wheel, other kinds of driver distraction can lead to rear end collisions. This includes fixing your appearance in a mirror, reaching for an item in the back seat, eating while driving, and so forth. Be attentive behind the wheel.


People who speed often get involved in rear end collisions because of the additional braking time needed to come to a stop. This is why it’s so important to drive at the posted speed limit.


Just as dangerous as speeding, tailgating can result in rear end collisions, especially at highway speeds. Always give people space when you’re driving, even if just to give yourself enough reaction time.

Brake Problems

You may be driving safely and responsibly, but if your brakes fail, you may wind up striking some vehicle ahead of you through no fault of your own.

Brake Light Malfunctions

If the brake lights of the vehicle ahead of you are not working, you may not realize you should slow down until it’s too late.

Sudden Stops in Traffic

If there’s an accident or debris lands in the road, you may have to make a sudden stop to avoid collisions. Motorists behind you may not have enough time to slow down and react.

Road and Weather Conditions

If the road is wet or slippery, the chances of skidding increase, as do the chances of rear end accidents.

Whiplash Injuries from Rear End Auto Accidents

Whiplash injuries involve the violent motion of the neck experienced after a sudden impact. These kinds of neck injuries are most common in rear end collisions. Even at low speeds, the neck can be injured just given its movement.

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