You’ve been eyeing a new motorcycle online or in a showroom, but have heard horror stories of people seriously injured or killed on a bike. You want to ensure it’s safe and have no clue what to look for—that’s what today’s blog post will address. Stay tuned to learn what constitutes a reliable and secure motorcycle and how to pick one that’s right for you.

What Constitutes a Safe Motorcycle

Many factors go into the safest motorcycles for beginners, emphasis on safety. It’s important to stress that all bikes aren’t created equal when it comes to safety. Every motorcycle will vary in the level of protection, so your priority should be finding a bike that fits your skill level and one you feel most comfortable with. Read about the safest type of motorcycles and how to choose the best motorcycle for you.

Touring Motorcycles

These motorcycles are heavy, stocky, and equipped with anything you could ask for, but the best thing is their safety track record. They’re also the heaviest motorcycle, so once you become skilled, they become the safest, doing better in collisions. The key factor is their weight. The heavier the bike, the sturdier they are on the road, thus, the less chance of impact to knock it off its course.

Keep in mind, these motorcycles aren’t the easiest to drive, simply because of their weight, which can be as much as 800 pounds—a beast of an engine. Once you have the driving down, though, you can rest assured of being safe on the road.


Surprised this made the list? It does for the same reason touring motorcycles made it since some of these motorcycles are made with a significant bone beneath them, therefore, taking more damage than you’d expect. First, test it out. You will come to see how safe they are, even safer than most other motorcycles. Of course, it all depends on how you ride it. You can be less secure on a cruiser than the guy on a sportbike if you’re not skilled.

Factors To Consider Regarding Safety

Regarding safety, there are three factors to consider: fit, height, and size. You need to pay attention to your level of comfort when riding a motorcycle, and what feels most comfortable, so you feel more confident. Confidence increases safety. It’s crucial to do these things:

  • Reach all controls easily and levers with your feet
  • Able to touch the ground with at least one foot when standing up and stopped
  • Fit your body to the bike
  • Balance it on the road

For a beginner, it’s best to start with a smaller motorcycle engine, which allows you to grow into motorcycling as your skill increases. Be aware of where you’re going to drive. If you plan to use the bike to commute in a big city, you may not need a bike that’s capable of going 120 mph., but if most of that driving will be on the highway, consider a more powerful engine.


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