Nursing home abuse lawyers help victims receive financial compensation if they were harmed by staff members or other residents in their nursing home. Most people who stay at nursing homes are no longer able to care for themselves, so they have to depend on caretakers who don’t always have the best intentions. 

If you suspect a family member experiencing this type of abuse, you should file a report with local authorities and enlist the help of a nursing home abuse lawyer to receive damages. Find out what these lawyers do below. 

The Responsibilities of a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When a resident’s needs are neglected, or they live in fear of abuse, they can be severely injured or killed. Nursing home abuse lawyers are advocates for victims of abuse and have the knowledge and experience to hold negligent nursing homes accountable. When a victim works with one of these lawyers, they may be eligible for compensation to make up for their suffering and pay off medical bills.

Continue reading to learn more about nursing home abuse lawyers to determine if you should work with one. 

Facts About Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

  • Some nursing home abuse lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning they don’t charge upfront fees for their work and only get paid if they secure damages for their client
  • These lawyers handle every type of nursing home abuse case, for instance, involving physical, mental, financial, and sexual abuse. 
  • In some instances, nursing home abuse lawyers have been able to secure millions of dollars for their clients through trial verdicts and settlements.

How Does a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Prepare for Their Case?

A nursing home abuse attorney will first meet with the victim and their family members to determine if they’re eligible for legal action. At the initial meeting, the lawyer will discuss the following:

  • History of the victim’s nursing home care
  • The allegations of abuse
  • The victim’s physical and mental capacities

Based on this information, the lawyer will develop a course of action. Next, they will file a lawsuit on the victim’s behalf. Once this occurs, the victim and their family become the plaintiffs of the case. 

Once the lawyer files a nursing home abuse lawsuit, they will need to prove the following:

  • The nursing home had a legal duty of care for the victim, generally stated in their contract.
  • The nursing home didn’t meet the victim’s needs and harmed them through negligence or intentional acts of violence. 
  • The resident experienced severe, long-term, or permanent injuries due to the harm.

If the lawyer believes their client has an adequate case, they will file a lawsuit against the nursing home and its employees. The employees will become the defendants of the case. 


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