Multiple impact car accidents are one of the most destructive events that occur on the road and proving liability can often be a convoluted situation.

Today, we’re sharing why these accidents happen and steps you can take to make determining liability easier.

Causes of Multiple Impact Car Accidents

Multiple impact car accidents are unique and very dangerous. There are many reasons why they happen and why they are so hazardous. Most of these kinds of accidents are caused by negligent driving. This can include erratic driving, distracted driving, or failing to follow basic traffic laws. Bad weather and poor road conditions are also major influences on these collisions. Any of these factors can affect who is considered liable.

Steps to Help Prove Liability

How you act and what you say after a multiple-impact car accident can affect who is determined to be at fault. Here are six tips for what you should do after being involved in an accident:

Stay in Your Car – Unless your vehicle presents an immediate hazard, it is the safest place for and your passengers to be after an accident. Check for injuries and then call 911. Avoid the dangers on the road and wait for emergency personnel to arrive who will let you know when it is safe to leave. 

  1. Choose your Words Carefully – When it is safe to leave your car, choose your words carefully. Do not say “I’m sorry” or “I apologize” as these statements can often make you appear liable for the accident. Avoid making justifications or providing reasons behind the accident. It is best to stick to the facts of the scenario when making any statements.
  1. Visual Documentation – Take pictures and videos of the scene of the accident while you are waiting for emergency personnel to arrive. Once the scene has been cleared for you to leave your vehicle, continue to take visual documentation of the accident. Be sure to capture any skid marks, vehicle damage, and the position of the cars.
  1. Driver Information – Collect the basic contact information (name and phone number) of each driver along with their insurance information and license plate numbers.
  1. Personal Notes – Once you are safely home, write down everything that you remember about the accident. Include how it happened, what you and the other drivers said, and how each party acted afterward.
  1. Police Reports – According to, you should request a copy of any police reports that were created for the accident. This will contain the other drivers’ information and the officer’s findings. You will also be able to see if any traffic violations were given.

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