Even if you’re an experienced winter driver, there are times when it isn’t safe to drive in the snow that you should be aware of.

Sleet, snow, ice, and hail can make it difficult to slow down and control your vehicle. When wintry weather conditions become too much to handle, it’s best to stay home whenever possible; your life is more valuable than anywhere you’re trying to go.

Be on the lookout for the following warning signs that indicate it isn’t safe to get behind the wheel.

Temperatures Near or Below Freezing

Before you commute somewhere, pay close attention to the current temperature. If the temperature reads below 36-degrees Fahrenheit, there is a high possibility of road icing. Driving during these conditions might be unavoidable, but preparing ahead of time can be your best defense against car accidents.

If you find yourself on icy roads, employ the following tips:

  • Slow way down and ease up on the gas as you drive in the snow
  • Accelerate and decelerate as slowly as possible
  • Give yourself ten times the following distance you would on dry pavement
  • Don’t pass other vehicles and stay close to the shoulder if someone tries to pass you

Ice Sticking to the Car

Ice buildup on your car, street lamps, or other surfaces can be another indicator of road icing. If the temperature is cold enough to freeze up the exterior of your car, it’s definitely cold enough to form ice on roads. If possible, stay home during icy conditions.

Heavy Snow in the Forecast

Awareness of current and upcoming weather conditions is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe in the winter. Before leaving your home, check both the current weather and the upcoming forecast. If you see a big storm on the horizon, plan ahead to avoid going out if the roads are bad.

Falling Precipitation

In the winter, even a light rainstorm can cover the roads with ice. Whether it’s snow, rain, or hail, exercise caution if you have to drive during falling precipitation. If the storm is exceedingly heavy, try to avoid leaving your home altogether.

Puddles on the Road

Massive puddles on the road can be a valid indicator that it isn’t safe to drive. As snow melts, the standing water can cause a highly hazardous driving situation. Puddles of water can cause skidding and hydroplaning that can easily lead to an accident.

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